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Suggested Questions for Dan Hollings:

  1. Describe why social networking is taking the Internet by storm, both on the consumer and business sides.
  2. How are businesses incorporating social networking into their marketing strategy?
  3. Does Internet marketing have to be costly?
  4. What do you think are the top 3 social networking tools a business, entrepreneur, author, or blogger should consider incorporating into their outreach?
  5. How is mobile marketing being used?
  6. Tell me about the new lingo/vocabulary surrounding social networking.
  7. What pitfalls should a CEO or entrepreneur avoid when engaging Internet marketing strategies?
  8. What is micro-blogging?
  9. What are some search engine optimization tips to maximize exposure?
  10. When creating a blog, what are your tips to market this tool?
  11. What are your top Internet strategies that are most easily adopted and implemented?
  12. When identifying key words used for Internet marketing, how does one pick the best ones?
  13. Should one twitter, linkedin, facebook, dig, and more? How much? How do you know which ones are best for your business purposes?
  14. How can a business person stay on top of new developments in social networking and keep up with what seems to be one of the fastest growing crazes?

Media contact is Michelle Tennant at 828-749-3200 or michelle@publicityresults.com.


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