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The following are suggestions of story ideas.  Dan Hollings is an expert in the field of Internet and mobile marketing. He can speak on a number of topics, including: blogging, social networking, cost-effective marketing, SEO, mobile marketing, Internet marketing strategy, and micro-blogging. 


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Sites worthy of discussion:

The Daily Gangster: Deals soooo good you'll feel like you stole them. With the craze about daily deal sites (Groupon, LivingSocial etc) in full swing, the Daily Gangster adds a new twist to this popular trend, only this time it's of interest to business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers. Daily heists for entrepreneurs. 50%-90% off killer-quality marketing tools, how-to programs, books & events. Daily Gangster for Daily Deals is a new promotional platform from Dan Hollings.

Step-By-Step Mobile Marketing: This training program by Dan Hollings is perhaps the most robust program on the market for learning mobile marketing. Over 30 hours of how-to training covering 10 of the hottest trends in mobile marketing. Step By Step Mobile Marketing is the brainchild of Mobile expert, Dan Hollings.

Zero Cost Marketing Secrets: Make MORE money by spending ZERO. Everyone thinks SPENDING money on marketing is a necessary evil... The tools, landing pages, a blog, PR costs, social media, SEO, eCommerce fees, mobile, support expenses, the high cost of traffic...... THEY ALL ADD UP! What if I could show you SECRETS to achieving the same results for literally NOTHING? Interested? Zero Cost Marketing Secrets


MOBILE MARKETING... It's No Longer Optional: There's no technology on our planet more loved than our cherished mobile devices... iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, tablets, iPads, and even our WiFi enabled automobiles. Mobile expert, Dan Hollings can take us through the exciting landscape of mobile marketing like no other speaker... from mobile sites, to location-based social media, to QR codes, text messaging, mobile apps, near field communication, mCommerce and beyond. 

It's a Bird. It's a Plane. It's Micro-Blogging: It's like text-based reality TV, sort of, and the biggest carrier of this infectious social affliction is Twitter. In a world of email, phone calls, and blogs, you'd think we were connected enough. But no, it's what happens in between emails, phone calls, and blogs that makes up our real life. Just as many have become addicted to reality TV, micro-blogging has turned millions of people's lives into a daily text-based reality show, serving up the most minuscule of details 140 characters at a time.


Social Marketing Applications for Businesses: How are fast-growing, quick adopting social networking applications, such as Twitter and Facebook (which now outranks MySpace), being used for a competitive edge and as a way to stand apart from competition in the business world? Real-life uses for these social phenomena are described from a business perspective.


Why Is Social Networking Transforming into Business Marketing? Used properly, a CEO's and company's brand power can be propelled by the use of social networking tools, including Twitter, blogs, micro-blogging, Facebook, and more. How can a CEO ensure they do not fall into an avoidable misstep when taking the reigns on these new marketing tools? How are businesses leveraging social networking as a marketing tool?


10 Top Secret Internet Assets & Strategies: What are 10 strategies businesses can employ to ensure maximum exposure and cost-effective results? What are the best ways to use Google? How important is location? Do words matter? How does geography play into the vast Internet world?


Words Do Matter: When creating an online marketing strategy, writing a blog, or developing a Web site, content is key. The words selected and woven throughout these marketing tools make a difference in a company's search engine ranking and help ensure customers can find the business.


New Vocabulary Required: Social networking has brought with it an entirely new vocabulary. There are words that have been made up and have no practical spelling, but they have infiltrated the daily speech of the masses. Find out what these new words are and what they mean – before more are made up.


Top 5 Blog Tips: Blogs have transcended from personal diary realm to respectable business medium. Blogs have instantly created credible journalists and have even released breaking news before traditional media sources. What are the top 5 things a business can do, when creating a blog, to avoid pitfalls?


Quick Tips for SEO: Words, position, content, location, and frequency are all part of how to maximize optimization in Web sites, blogs, and other networking tools. What are some quick tips that can easily be integrated into a business' Internet strategy that will make a difference? What are some items to avoid that are time-consuming, costly, or do not deliver results?


Media contact is Michelle Tennant at 828-749-3200 or michelle@publicityresults.com.


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