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Byline:  Dan Hollings is an internet and mobile marketing consultant to celebrities, talk show hosts, New York Times best-selling authors, successful companies, and entrepreneurs. One of Dan's most noted campaigns was for a project that reach the level of Oprah, Larry King, Newsweek's cover and beyond. It is considered by many to be among the most successful and profitable internet marketing campaigns of its kind.  Contact Dan at: dhollings (at) mac.com.


Short BIO: Dan Hollings is an experienced entrepreneur, Internet marketing consultant, mobile marketing expert, trainer, and Web developer. He is the creator of the Internet marketing strategy behind big name companies, well known trainers, movie makers, and even little-known, ordinary folk. Dan offers innovative solutions for almost any key piece of a solid Internet or mobile marketing strategy.


Broadcast BIO: Are you Mobile? Do you Twitter? Can you perform SEO? Do you have a Facebook fan page? Do you Digg? Is it Delicious? Are you Linkedin? Today social networking and mobile is transcending into the business marketplace rapidly, and it brings an entirely distinct vocabulary with it. Today we have Internet Marketing Strategist Dan Hollings with us. Dan is responsible for creating some of the most successful Internet and mobile marketing campaigns for project, products and projects that you'll likely ever hear about. Welcome, Dan! How can businesses make sense of social media, mobile and the internet today?


Full Bio: Dan Hollings is a highly sought after internet and mobile marketing consultant. One of the most noted internet marketing campaigns orchestrated by Dan Hollings was for a project

Dan Hollings is an authority on internet technologies, system development, internet strategy, and internet marketing. He is also an expert in the emerging mobile marketing medium and the interconnections between online and offline marketing. Dan Hollings is also a speaker and trainer and has developed web-based systems, marketing campaigns, and training courses used by numerous companies, distributor organizations, publishers, and universities around the world.


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